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James G Comerford, Chief Executive Officer

James has gone from a wheelchair at 40 with Guillain Barre Syndrome to pain-free, prescription-drug-free daily workout (with a resting heart rate of 50) in his mid-sixties. He has done this by personally using a set of 11+ cellular-health tools and technologies each of which either helps cells perform, heal and repair or returns the body to homeostasis and/or musculoskeletal balance. Each of the 11+ tools makes a unique and incremental contribution to improved cellular health.

Recognizing the role our Endocannabinoid System plays in homeostasis and (equally) why Path of Purity’s unique dual-release delivery matched to how ECS innately works sets it apart from ALL other CBDs, James enthusiastically joined the original PoP Educational Team in 2018 as a founding Master Affiliate. In July 2020 he accepted the CEO chair where his hands-on PoP field-level-experience became a pillar of the Company’s 2020 reshaping of both the business and client service models - to better match the core values (and original purpose) of the remaining Path of Purity Co-Founders. Additionally he continues to lead efforts to make Path of Purity available to the many Canadians we believe will wish to use PoP. Toward that end James, in collaboration with Path of Purity’s Ownership Group, has been actively engaged in efforts to bring Path of Purity into Canada since 2018 and look forward to that possibility before the end of 2022.

James is also Founder and CEO of Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T) a personal best performance system that STACKS the 11+ cellular health technologies described above into one model – to help ”athletes” of ALL levels perform, heal and repair at their best. Since Path of Purity is a core component of the RC&T model, his dual roles dovetail seamlessly together.

Hal Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Hal Jones, driven by a passion to make a real difference in the World, Co-Founded Path of Purity in October 2017 – believing that revolutionizing the delivery of CBD and helping make it available to those in need was a great place to start.

Toward that end Hal assisted in the creation and original formulation while assuming many of the day-to-day operational duties. Indeed, the COO role is often best described as the landing space for everything that has to be done.

In keeping with that description Hal most recently led efforts to better integrate Path of Purity’s Distribution and Manufacturing processes and the soon to be released redesigned packaging and labeling to better meet the ever-changing FDA regulations

Stephen Magnotti, Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder

With extensive leadership experience across an eclectic set of business holdings Stephen Magnotti brought a wealth of knowledge and know-how to Path of Purity when he Co-Founded the Company in 2017.

Recognized for an innate ability to get things done the right way Stephen has been instrumental in helping multiple State and Federal Governments respond to COVID-19 PPE and testing needs. These recent accomplishments built upon an already-distinguished history of helping Governments respond to emergencies – (most notably) re-establishing infrastructure post-hurricanes and following other crises.

Specific to Path of Purity, Stephen developed and implemented PoP’s Practitioner Direct marketing strategies as well as our referral system which are the very foundation of PoP’s overall business model.

Bill Singh, PhD, Chief Bio-Medical Advisor

A graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, followed by a Ph.D. in immuno-pharmacology under the mentorship​of Noble Laureate Dr. John Vane, Dr. Bill Singh brings a distinguished 40-year career in the medical and pharmacological fields to Path of Purity. This includes tenure at the Wellcome Research, London, Merck Sharp and Dohme, SmithKline, NYU Medical Center NY, and St. John Hospital. Additionally Dr. Singh has held teaching positions at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London and at Baylor College of Medicine TX.

In the area of applied medical science Dr. Singh has extensive experience in Bio-pharmaceuticals, having worked with several multinational pharmaceutical companies – and is credited with direct contribution to some 10 patented products; he also has 200+ peer reviewed publications in immunology, Stem Cell biology and applications, dermatology and infectious diseases.

Dr. Singh is very passionate about innovation and has extensive knowledge in the isolation and characterization of (both) mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells and how to best factor stem cell biology/functionality in the treatment of general and infectious human disease conditions. Dr. Singh’s background as a leader and pioneer in health innovation fits effortlessly into Path of Purity’s corporate culture of delivering the World’s most advanced CBD to improve population health and the lives of people.

PoP grew from the shared intention of a group of scientists, herbalists and business partners to improve the lives of millions of people by making the well-documented benefits of CBD available at the best possible quality, price and overall value.

The result of that effort IS Path of Purity!
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